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Posted by: ASHWICK VALLEY Jan 19 2014, 11:05 PM


(neighborhood and member group means the same thing)

Affectionately referred to as the Plaines by its broke-ass residents, this stain of a south side neighborhood is located on the outskirts of town.

If there were any train tracks passing through Ashwick Valley, the Plaines would be on the wrong side of them. The Plaines are for all intents and purposes Ashwick Valley's skid row, where real shit goes down all the time... and nobody cares. Odds are if you're living here your life kind of sucks. Odds are if you're just passing through you will lose parts of your car. Life here is rough, but make no mistake; the people living here still have their pride. Don't cross 'em... with all the abandoned buildings, let's just say the police might not find you before its too late.

This neighborhood includes a trailer park, Tent City, and a scattering of smaller, more rundown houses, as well as a ton of privacy and hiding places for those with an inclination to break the rules. Not including side streets and an abnormally high number of dead ends, it only has one main road: Airport Highway, which connects the Amelia Earhart Airport to Paineshart.

If your dream is to have a bunch of senior citizens as neighbors, look no further than Cloverbrook Point. Located at the northeast corner of town, the place is not only home to the police station but also to dozens of Ashwick's finest. Seriously, the place is crawling with cops.

Suffice it to say, nothing ever happens here.

Easily Ashwick's quietest neighborhood, Cloverbrook Point is the kind of G-rated suburban paradise pop punk bands write songs about wanting to escape from. Popular with the retired population, families, and people who just like to keep their noses out of trouble. Houses big and small come cheap here, and many of them are very old fixer uppers, but overall the place looks like any other middle class neighborhood in America. Cul-de-sacs, 4th of July barbecues, minivans and "My Kid is an Honor Student at Little Fort Junior High" bumper stickers, and garage mountain basketball hoops abound.

Although mostly residential, you'll find the hospital, the library, and various historical markers in this neighborhood, since this is the oldest part of town.

The crustiest of the upper crust areas of Ashwick, New Langrove is definitely the neighborhood for those with lots of money. The properties are big, the houses are fancy, and you probably won't see any cars made before 2013.

Driving through New Langrove will make you forget that you're in a town with a crippling budget crisis and 14% of its population living below the poverty line. Home to several doctors, big shot businessmen (and women!), and even a few celebrities, this is by far Ashwick's cleanest and nicest looking neighborhood. Considering it's also home to the prestigious-ish Harding University and the Centenary Country Club, that shouldn't be too surprising; just about everybody who is worth impressing lives here.

Located at the northern most point of town, New Langrove's gated community and posh subdivisions offer security, privacy, great views and perhaps most importantly, status.

Correctly pronounced "Paines-hart" by... well, literally nobody, Paineshart is technically just Downtown Ashwick.

As Ashwick's urban core, the 'Shart area is lively and diverse. There's always some kind of block party, art walk, or other city-wide event going on. Do you have work in the morning and like to go to sleep at a reasonable hour? TOO BAD, because this neighborhood never sleeps. Whether it's drunken idiots stumbling out of Sin City at the crack of dawn or squad cars parked in front of your rowdy neighbor's house, odds are light sleepers are gonna have a rough time getting their 8 hours every night. What is a noise ordinance, even?

Rows of historical single family homes and condos line the streets, as well as small apartment buildings. Just north of the Plaines, this is where most of the hip clubs and bars are, and also probably where you shop if you're too cool for the Horton Plaza mall. Which - let's face it - if you live in Paineshart, you probably are.

Many Ashwickians would argue that Sandy Shoals is nicer than New Langrove, and they wouldn't be completely off-base. It's slightly more affordable and on average, the houses are much more modest, but Sandy Shoals is right on the waterfront. And who doesn't want a house with a view of the beach?

Sandy Shoals is situated perfectly so that it offers short walks to Sunny Beach to the west, hiking trails to the north, and various nautical themed tourist traps shops and restaurants scattered throughout the boardwalk. Several locals live here, but a large amount of the houses here belong to vacationers. So if shoobies harsh your buzz, maybe stay away from this part of town.

True to its theme, all the streets here have beach themed names, i.e. Calypso Beach, Mermaid Cove, Sand Dune Avenue, and so on and so forth.

Stillcaster? You've probably never heard of it.

Hipsterville. College Row. The Poor Man's Portland. Call it whatever you want, but everyone knows it's the hippest area in town. Known for the radio station, its large student population, and club drugs; home to artsy farts in drainpipe jeans and oversized readers, electing to get from point A to point B on their 10 speed bicycles rather than drive a car. Artists, students, recent graduates and various other childless twenty-somethings make up most of the population here. It's rare you'll find anyone over the age of 50, although there are a few!

Detached and single family homes aren't really a thing here. Most people live in apartments and colorful townhouses, though you'll also find condos and even a few live-works, co-ops, and warehouse conversions throughout this small tightly packed neighborhood, located just south of Cloverbrook Point.

You might be from West Ashwick if you consider a 40 hour work week to be part time, if you ever get separation anxiety from your cell phone, or if you have one or more college degrees (and the profound need to tell everyone about it). If anyone has ever called you a yuppie, chances are you live in this neighborhood.

Located uphill from Sandy Shoals, this heavily wooded neighborhood is also close to the waterfront and might be just as picturesque as it neighbor to the south if its inhabitants were ever home enough to care about what their homes looked like. Most of the people who live here are chronic workaholics who put their work above pretty much everything else in their lives, although if you look hard enough you'll also find a few outdoorsy folks who just enjoy all the seclusion and nature this part of town this area has to offer.

There are many different kinds of homes in West Ashwick of varying niceness and size. For a long time West Ashwick was an unincorporated area of town, so there are still many empty lots and properties for people to build on. Just hurry, because land here is selling like hotcakes.

It's easy to dismiss ~*the Islanders*~ as a bunch of granola-eating, technology-hating, chicken-coup-in-the-backyard-having weirdos, and in a few cases you'd be right. Santa Veronica's reputation often precedes itself, and many people on the mainland think it's still some 1960's hippie cult utopia because for several decades, that's exactly what it was. But these days, ever since all the crazies either died out or re-entered the outside world, all you're really going to find on this small island (located about five miles west of Ashwick Valley's north shore) is a quaint community of organic farmers and fishermen who... really just want to be left alone.

While not exactly hostile to outsiders, the Islanders (real creative name, right?!) aren't particularly welcoming to those people who want to come in and "develop" their land. Things move slower on the island, things are simpler, the air is cleaner, the wi-fi signal teeters on the cusp of "spotty" and "non-existent"... for the majority of these people, the entire reason they live there is because the vibe is so much different from the main land. Tourists are more than welcome - they have to make money, of course - but don't try to change their way of life.

You will regret it.

Some people are homeless, drifters, college students who go away to school, or tourists. If your character doesn't have a permanent home in Ashwick Valley, this is the member group they'll belong to.

Do not abuse this member group. HTB is set in Ashwick Valley, so the overwhelming majority of characters should belong to one of the previous 7 member groups!

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