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Posted by: ASHWICK VALLEY Nov 2 2017, 09:53 PM


not mandatory but strongly encouraged

It's not unusual for people to wonder what members play what character/s, so this directory will hopefully help with that. Just post here with the code provided below. Please fill the code out completely! Everybody will have their own posts which will be linked on the first page, so you are all responsible for keeping your information updated. This includes member group changes, name changes, face changes, age-ups, as well as any OOC information that you change over time. There is also a new profile field in your user cp where you can link your post, so people can find you with one click from your mini profile or main profile.

The member groups:


The master list :

The codes:

[dohtml] <center><div class="memdir-wrap"><div class="memdir-wrap2"><div class="memdir-wrap3"><div class="memdir-top"> <name> YOUR ALIAS </name> <div class="memdir-pic"><div class="memdir-pic2" style="background-image:url(IMAGEORGIFLINKHERE)"></div></div> </div> </div><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><td width="100%"><div class="memdir-charlist"><div class="memdir-charlist2"> <a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><div class="memdir-MEMBERGROUP"><i class="ion-record"></i> <b>first last</b> [ ##, face claim ]</div></a> <a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><div class="memdir-MEMBERGROUP"><i class="ion-record"></i> <b>first last</b> [ ##, face claim ]</div></a> <a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><div class="memdir-MEMBERGROUP"><i class="ion-record"></i> <b>first last</b> [ ##, face claim ]</div></a> </div></div></td> <td valign="top"><div class="memdir-sideblurb"><div class="memdir-sideblurb2"> talk about yourself, your rp do's/don'ts here, whether you do mature threads, triggers, word counts, time constraints, all that good stuff and whatever here. it'll scroll automatically so ramble all you want but like don't write a novel cuz nobody wants to read that! </div></div><div class="memdir-sideinfo"> <div class="memdir-infoc2" title="time zone"><i class="fa fa-clock-o"></i> time zone </div><div class="memdir-infoc2" title="pronouns"><i class="fa fa-venus-mars"></i> pronouns </div> <div class="memdir-infoc" title="contact info"><i class="fa fa-comment"></i> contact method/s </div><div class="memdir-infoc" title="shipper"><i class="fa fa-handshake-o"></i> <a href="LINKTOSHIPPERHERE">click here to see my shipper</a> </div></div></td></table></div></div></div></center> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/uploads/htb/skin_shart/mmbrdr1117.css"> [/dohtml]
<a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><div class="memdir-MEMBERGROUP"><i class="ion-record"></i> <b>first last</b> [ ##, face claim ]</div></a>

Posted by: REG Nov 2 2017, 10:50 PM
Most of it is listed on my shipper. Quick summary (for more detail, view shipper disclaimer):
  • I work full-time with crazy ass kids with mental illness and sometimes I go through dry sprouts when it comes to writing, so don't always expect to see me to write 24/7.
  • I prefer rapid-fire threads. If you give me more +word counts, I'll try to match whatever you give me.
  • I'm okay with M threads to a degree. Takes longer for me to reply, but I gets it done.
  • I barely turn down any plots. If something doesn't work for a character, I may revise it to make it work, but all in all, I barely say "no" to any plots... unless it's totally unrealistic and doesn't make any sense.
  • I dead threads after 2 weeks (unless you have an absence). If it's a constant problem, I will pull back on giving any serious plots to those people.
  • I don't really do finals; however, if we're going with the flow and my character can't see themselves with anyone else but them, that's a different story

With the RP shit out of the way, a little bit about me. I'm a really chill and laid-back guy. I do "playfully" talk a lot of shit and goof around a lot. So if you see me acting in a way that may be offensive, don't be alerted by it, I only do it with those I have a close relationship with that understands my personality better than most. I'm honest and will tell you like it is. So if you don't want me take on anything, don't ask. I love video games. I'll talk about it for days. I also have a streaming channel - I don't do it much because of work, but I usually let people know if I am through discord. All in all, to know me, is to love me. MMHMM! I get along well with most. Never be nervous to reach out to me for a chat or plots.
discord: reg#8115 / PM this account

Posted by: MIGZ Nov 2 2017, 11:39 PM
i won't have any problems with anyone as long as we bounce ideas off of each other and we remain respectful. I am a gay male broke and poor person, so most of my plots and characters tend to go on the rainbow side of things (how you doin?) but I have straight characters also.

RP-wise, characters range different ages, mature threads yes, i try to match word counts, no thread is taboo as long as it is done tastefully, but I do draw the line at some things - you should message me more to know what they are. I do work full time at home so I am here most of the times, but I don't like being rushed and will never ask the same of you.

Talk housewives, star wars, overwatch, porn or whatever with me. Follow me on tumblr, instagram, or play overwatch on playstation @ clydefrogjones

he, him, his
pm this account, discord: migz#6505

Posted by: AUBREY Nov 3 2017, 03:53 AM
simply put, i'm a boss ass bitch and i'm not for the bullshit.

lol no seriously, hey i'm aubs and i'm a ghost that you only see on weekends and holidays. if you're lucky.

  • to be honest, i don't really know what to put here?

  • i'm a writer who probably deals a lot with humor that's like really grounded in realism. i don't really mind embarrassing my characters, or putting them in situations where they're the bad guy or like making a fool out of themselves.

  • i pride myself on writing captivating characters with very strong personalities.. well because it's what i do best since i myself have a strong personality. but don't be mistaken, no character is like the other.

  • i compliment myself a lot, get used to it.

  • i don't really write m threads, i don't do incest, or any of that other creepy weird shit that people get off to. i mean you can always ask though ahead of time, but the answer is usually a firm no.

  • i do have other characters, they are just on the back burner at the moment because i intend to rewrite every single one of their apps. yes, i'm aware it's a lengthy process and probably not the best idea outside of concept, but i'm stubborn and i'm sticking with it. so until further notice, i will not be posting with those characters.

  • and on the subject of apps, i feel like i'm the app queen. i love writing apps and i'm probably one of the hardest when it comes to giving feedback with them because i feel like first impressions are everything.

  • i promise i'm more likeable than these details make it out to be.

  • my schedule is sporadic and i try to post as much as possible, but if i'm not able to post i'll try to be sure to let you know ahead of time. even if it's like a week between time, i usually still try to reply to stuff. so maybe i'm no the fastest but i do write in rapid-fire threads with little details sprinkled in between, so you'll definitely get quality with me.
- aubrey
she / her
discord: aubs#2128 / pm this account

Posted by: LIZZEH Nov 3 2017, 06:51 AM
hi, i'm british and we don't really like to talk about ourselves so i'm going to keep it short and sweet.

being on gmt is generally means i'm on at weird and wonderful hours but i tend to be online a loooot. even if i'm not, hit me up and i'll get back to you.

i try to keep my shipper up to date but if i'm being honest, it's not always so drop me a message on discord and let's plot that way. it's easier than all the shipper back and forth shit.

i prefer short posts but i'll always try to match whatever i'm given. it's nice to flex the writing muscles every so often.

i don't write M threads, i haven't in years and have no plans to start again anytime soon so if you're after smut i'm not the girl for you.

generally i won't say no to a plot or a thread so hit me up. i'm nice, promise.

also! i play a lot of online games on the ps4 so hit me up if you do too. thxxxxxx!

pm this account/discord (lizzeh#6623)

Posted by: BEKS Nov 3 2017, 07:02 AM
hey its me! the person who critiques all your apps! i know a couple of you don't think i'm the nicest person to do that but i swear i'm only tough on you because i know you guys are excellent writers and you sometimes just need a little shove in the right direction.

i will happily make you avs or even gifs (professional graphic designer over here), i go to bed really early but i'm on most days, i've never been caught up a day in my life, i'm good at suggesting faces, i don't really care about your face claim drama.

i have a disclaimer on my shipper so i'll use this place to beg you to take my requests. i have so many. they're almost always so open and i'm really easy to work with/please.

talk to me about comics and tv melodramas and meal prepping. wonder woman is the best superhero that ever was and ever will be #andthatsthatonthat

eastern standard
pm admin account / beks #0085

Posted by: DOTTY Nov 4 2017, 11:44 AM
hiii. i've been an admin here for fucken ever so if you ever need something, just hit me up... unless you wanna steal a face, you can go bug another admin with that cuz there's a 99% chance i'll just ignore you. i also do all the coding around here so if you got a problem with the skin or whatevs, jump up my ass about it pls n' thanx!

plotting stuff you can find in my shipper, i'm not gonna repeat it all here, but in general i think i'm pretty easy to plot with. i say yes to most things and i'm very open-minded/flexible/patient. i'm not the world's best writer but i try... most of the time. but like this is a hobby so i try not to take it or myself too seriously. and contrary to popular belief i don't just play old people, but i do have a few that can always use more plots than my 20-somethings, hint hint.

uhh as far as time constraints go, i got a big ass family, i work a shitty monday-friday job where i usually don't get to have internet access, and i pretty much live at my boyfriend's place most weekends BUT on weekday afternoons (say ~4pm cst onwards) you can almost always find my ass parked right here on htb and/or being a stupid dork in the cbox. i try to stay on top of my shit but sometimes other commitments get the best of me, or my brain just doesn't wanna cooperate. if you know i'm not busy, feel free to hound me for replies all ya want-- i work well under pressure and respond strongly to guilt tripping.

dassit! <3

pm this account/discord (dotty#3427)

Posted by: YASMINE EVANS Nov 5 2017, 10:13 AM
Hi there... I'm not good at talking about myself so um yeah? No? I'm a total introvert first and foremost. I don't really like talking to people too much. I'm a homebody and not a social or people person in general. Singing is life and writing is a huge passion. Aaliyah will always be my fave of all time. I work as a CNA, go to marches/ATL Pride, & concerts of my faves. I also have a YouTube channel that I started back in January (link all the way at the bottom if you wanna check it out).

I will be back in school next year. I also do coding and in debate rn whether I want to post a thread and share a few, who knows? Sometimes I like to ramble because well that's how my mind works, it literally goes a hundred miles per second. it's not even funny.

  • I love to write so throw threads (don't have to ask) at me and ish. I don't have a word count, don't care for one.

  • I'm pretty open-minded to any type of plots as long as they make sense with said character.

  • I'll do mature threads and I don't really have any triggers, but cancer is a touchy subject with me ever since I lost my granddad, though I'm not opposed to writing about it.

  • I'm going to start deading things after two weeks unless I'm still interested in a thread which may not be the case cause I get bored quick af.

If you want to check my YT channel out just click:

pm or discord (relle#4710)

Posted by: WARREN HAMPTON Nov 5 2017, 11:28 AM
idk.. I just like to write and shit. far to introverted to socialize but I am open to threading. you might be able to find me on discord. I have no triggers but I will not write rape. my word count is 200-1000+ depending on my muse. I won’t give you fake lies about matching you or not. cell threads bore me but feel free to tag me in shit

she + her
discord if you wish

Posted by: ELIANA REYNOLDS Nov 5 2017, 11:45 AM
I'm so boring so I'm not going to talk about myself.
  • I don't have triggers
  • I'll write M, but not every other thread
  • Fine with RF, just ask so I know that's what you want
  • I don't meet word counts, nor do I expect others to meet word counts
  • I'm pretty chill and will go along with most plots
  • I dead threads generally after 2 weeks no reply (if I remember to), so don't take it personally!
  • I don't really do finals because they have never worked haha
  • I strongly dislike most 'meet' threads, unless it comes with a specific purpose to a plot
  • I don't mind someone starting a thread without consulting me, just don't do it if I'm on an absence lol
discord: Elizabeth_Ann#7163

Posted by: EDEN MALONE Nov 5 2017, 12:21 PM
rihanna is my spirit, bae, everything. two degrees (paralegal + political science). work full time as a legal assistant. introverted af. talktive to those that i'm really cool with. I come off as nonchalant (a lot). if you really get to know me i'm really goofy and not shit as two my lovely babies like to tell me. big movie and music buff. netflix is life. i am a totally nerd/geek outside of my writing. reading is life also.

easily bored with threads, i will usually dead something if a reply hasn't been made two weeks to a month because hoenstly that reply will be shit let's be real. i like drama when it comes to plots, so give them to me.

i hate first meets & eating threads. just skip it and do something fun, pls.

she + her + hers
pm this account + ashcash#3549

Posted by: MOLLIE HILLSEN Nov 5 2017, 01:10 PM

Posted by: ISRAEL BLACK Nov 5 2017, 02:02 PM
[c/p from my shipper] Hi! You can call me Cee. I have way more muse for dysfunction than when things are all sunshine and rainbows, but I do love happy plots and threads too. I do get a little busy sometimes, but I'll do my best not to just leave things hanging with no warning. If more than a few days go by, just shoot me a reminder. Sometimes I forget to check for replies when I have a lot going on. As far as mature threads, I don't mind them but if I'm not in the mood for them my replies can come a bit slower than usual. And with finals, I usually prefer to see how things play out naturally, but if you ever have anything in mind feel free to PM me to discuss! I'm usually on under Israel Black's account, but I try to switch through them regularly to check for messages. click on the images to read up on each character.
pm me

Posted by: PARIS FIONA Nov 5 2017, 02:21 PM
beyonce is queen. she is me and i am her. i literally say yes to everything as long as it makes sense. i will answer all questions you have pertaining my people, but not the basic ones. you know, their age, job, etc, because i have a shipper for that stuff so please, read it. i'm working on a new one so be patient please, but still read my shipper.

i don't have any triggers. if you ask anybody, they will tell you that i don't sleep because i'm up at all hours and i am up at all hours, so i'm always around or close to it at least. i try to make sure people don't wait because i hate waiting. i'm considerate like that. um, throw things at me. give me all the threads. i like random threads, its fun.

i do dead post without warning. so if it hasn't been replied to in two weeks, chances are i'm deading it. period. now, if you have an absences up and or have talked to me about it, then i'll keep it. however, if you have consistently posted absences, then chances are ... i'm going to dead it. #sorrynotsorry.

i really dont wanna repeat my disclaimer, but that kind of summarizes it. love me?

dicord:niecee#2915 or just pm this account and only this account

Posted by: LEVI MCKENZIE Nov 5 2017, 03:18 PM
Hi, I'm Gemmy. A ratchet hoe from Bmore who enjoys writing and probably roleplay to avoid the typical ratchet shit I used to be doing. (like fighting over men and beefing with girls for pointless other shit) But yeah.. lmao. My favorite things are family plots. I would break my neck to be a sibling to somebody. I come from a big family irl so that's partially the reason lol. Secondly, I only have one trigger (cancer plots) and it's not like I can't even read it.. but I just don't want to be involved in cancer plots. Other than that everything else is a GO. I'm down for it all. I typically play males but I play females here and there, my charries are always a hot ass mess, so if you need that in your life--plot away.
pm for discord

Posted by: EMILIO FONSECA Nov 5 2017, 03:26 PM

Posted by: EDNA SCHWARZ Nov 5 2017, 04:24 PM
I love to write. I'm a method writer so i'm all in. Be it a plot or silly shenanigans. I do M, raw af, no triggers but I like to discuss stuff before it goes down. No idea is a bad idea with me though, so feel free to pitch always. I'm always in the mood to write no matter how I feel so I'm an open door. •• A story idea that comes to you, that is never heard is a sad thing. I'm open to a lot. •• I've written period pieces, sword fights between armies. Gang fights, vacations to quiet dinners. •• I'm all about the journey big or small. An adventure awaits, let's create it.
she, her
discord: Bodie#8727 or PM.

Posted by: SHANE HUTCH Nov 5 2017, 05:58 PM
i feel like ya'll know who i am. so no point of another introduction. anyways. i feel like i'm a pretty cool person to talk to, i promise. i don't bite. anyways, let's get to the points.

▹ plot-wise: i'm very open-minded when it comes to plots. i'm flexible, i'll work with you to have a sturdy plot and we can just thread our hearts out. you can basically throw whatever at me, it's not like i'm gonna say no. i don't have a filter. so have at it. just let me know if you have a trigger so i don't just throw something at you and you're uncomfortable with it. and also, i don't do finals except for shane's ass. so there.

▹ threads: like i said in my shipper, i dead (w/o warning) after 3 weeks of no replies unless we talked about it or you're are absent. i don't want to have a bunch of old threads still going. #sorrynotsorry i like new things always. if we rp together, and we have plots, just throw up a thread, i love it. just tag me! don't even ask, *shia's voice* just do it! oh yeah, no comms cause i usually get bored with those. also, i'm all for m threads, BUT it may take me a second to reply but i'll reply.

▹ i really don't have to say anything else. i think should sum up everything. just love me and my kids okay!

she, her
DISCORD: channy#6343

Posted by: CHYNNA DIONNE Nov 5 2017, 06:49 PM
hi i'm chrissy! i'm usually around to do replies around the weekends, but it depends on what i have to do when it comes to responsibilities and school. i'm genuinely not hard to plot. i'll pretty much accept anything as long it makes sense, and if it doesn't we can talk things out for an alternative.

idk i think that's it? i don't really have that many "rules" lol. plotting is plotting to me and i generally accept anything! mwah <3

central time zone
i'm a girl, so
pm / chrissy#3792 (discord)

Posted by: SASHA MIKITA Nov 5 2017, 06:56 PM
c/p via my shipper because I'm lazy and doing homework. I'm pretty open with plots and honestly, I'm usually down for whatever so shoot your shot. Please do not send me anything with taboo. Just don't. As for Mature threads, don't expect them to be a reocurrant thing because I like doing more than sexual things. I am currently in school, seeking my second degree and sometimes I forget to do things. Feel free to tag me in things. PLEASE BE REALISTIC! But here's where it will be tricky, I have moments where I get bored and want new things spiced up. So please respect if things get deaden or non-responsive, it's not you: it's my muse.

Posted by: PARISA SAFAVI Nov 5 2017, 08:04 PM
classic movie heaux, disney nerd, crybaby ass bitch, horrifically slow with replies but eager to plot and write things out. i was only supposed to make two characters but we see how that turned out.

if you plot my shipper, i'll honestly automatically go plot in yours. i'm just used to it. i won't reply in mine, i'll reply in yours. okay that's it. be free!

pm for discord

Posted by: AINE DONLEAVY Nov 6 2017, 12:53 AM
Hello, I'm Chris, I've been RPing since High School, I write a lot of stories on my own as well.

*I work Night Shift at my current job, but I am in the process of finding something else

*My muse is extremely iffy, especially if I'm working alot, I am off the next couple days (thank the universe), so I'm planning on working on posts.

*I'm Gender Fluid, I prefer they / them pronouns but I won't make a big deal if you slip up and use he/his or she/her, they are all just words to me anyway, lol.

*I'm usually pretty open to plot ideas if I think they fit with my character.

*I prefer fading out if and when any of my characters have a sex scene. I just don't like writing them, I find them boring.

*I do in a way "color-code" my characters, their color is usually represented in their posts whenever they are speaking. I will adjust colors if I need to, just let me know if it's too bright or too hard to see.

*If you look at something I write about and aren't sure if it's realistic, look it up or just ask me. I do my research for the most part.

*When we have threads I use a mental timeline; the date I started the thread (unless otherwise stated) is the date I mentally place it on the timeline.
For example, if I started a thread, say, September 1st then the events in the thread are still occurring September 1st, even if we are still replying to it in November or December. This Is something I decided years ago when I was RPing.

PM /discord

Posted by: ARMANI LAZZARO Nov 6 2017, 12:58 AM
All things Batman are #LIFE. I have a full time job that consumes most of my days and nights. When I have downtime or whenever I’m not too tired I’ll get on and reply to things. There are times when I’ll not have muse, but I’ll try not to keep the wait long. Rapid-fire threads are a preference, but I’ll match what I’m given. My triggers would have to be taboo and incest; I’m typically open about this. M threads are fine with me; just not all the time. I almost always accept plots, whether we revise them or not. Finals...almost always I don’t do them unless it’s a plot that we’re working on. ABOUT ME: I consider myself pretty chill, sometimes can get serious. I love writing and see RP as a way to keep myself indulged in that. I’m almost always on Discord, so hit me up if you’d like to talk. I play video games too, mainly anything like adventure, strategy games. Pretty much anything with a good storyline cause I get bored easily sometimes.
discord: ris#5378 / pm this account

Posted by: REBEL STARLING Nov 6 2017, 09:32 PM
Hey there Hi there how do you do! I am Riot and I'm 24 years old. I live in the cst timezone and I'm awesome. I do mature threads and no I don't have any trigger warnings. I love short rapid fire stuff, but can do long post as well. I love angst and crap so bring it on to me.

Posted by: NILAH KARTER Nov 9 2017, 08:38 PM
Hey Hey, My name is Sway. I'm 28 and live in MD. RP is one of my favorite past times. I'm generally open to anything as long as we discuss it first. I don't have triggers and don't mind mature threads as long as they don't take over the plot. I'm always open to ideas so don't hesitate to hit me up.

Posted by: PENELOPE PAPADAKIS Nov 16 2017, 08:58 PM
I am usually always on. Also, always on discord since it is attached to my phone haha. I am open to most, if not all ideas. I am super loyal so you get stuck with me haha. I can get bored easily, so I don’t do well with just no-plot-but-boring type of threads. I can do Mature threads. I am not experienced in lesbian or gay sex type of threads so be patient. I love family plots like no other. Personal. I am 24 living in North Carolina. I am a child therapist so I work in mental health all day so this is a relief and stress reliever for me. So please do not ruin it with drama and nonsense.
discord: Jasmine#0875

Posted by: GENESIS MARTINEZ Nov 22 2017, 04:47 PM
Ri.28. Nerdy af, Fandom queen af. Message me before any serious plots,open to everything else ! Muse is good but if i've forgotten a reply, feel free to remind me.
discord: madame slay#6212

Posted by: ALEXANDRE CORTEZ Nov 23 2017, 03:26 PM
Hey guys I'm Ceci and i'm 28 years old. I am an Army veteran and I'm currently a full time student. I recently just pledged to a sorority and I love roleplaying. I've have been roleplaying for around 15 years, it's my go to hobby lol. I'm usually down for anything as long as we talk about it and make sure it make sense. I do mature threads, they don't bother me at all so if that's what you want i'm all for it. I really don't have any triggers, if something comes that i'm not comfortable with then i'll let you know. i'm pretty much up for whatever as long as the plot doesn't get stagnant.

Posted by: EMBERLY JAMES Dec 3 2017, 03:00 PM
i'll make this short and simple. i like drama. i like fast replies. i live in germany so i keep odd hours on the site right now. the best way to contact me is through PM or on discord (andie.bee), but i live in germany, so i might not respond to either right away. i don't really do sex scenes anymore, but i'll imply the hell out of it. i love finals, but i'm not afraid to break up my OTPs just for fun.
pm or discord (andie.bee)

Posted by: SARAI HOLLOWAY Dec 6 2017, 01:51 AM
Hi, in general I think I'm a fair person and pretty easy to please. I like dysfunctional plots, enjoy playing family members, and my guilty pleasures are relationship plots. I'm pretty lazy so I don't take a lot of interest in fluff/meaningless threads. If there's no agenda/plot advancement to the thread, it will die. Sorry, not sorry. I'm fine with M threads and I don't have any triggers to speak of. Please tag my account or pm me if you would like to discuss any plots, threads, or comms and refrain from starting any without asking me first.

Posted by: MICAH BANNERMAN Feb 26 2018, 11:34 PM
There really isn't much to say about me. I've been RPing since 2004 and have character creation issues. I prefer lots of feels-filled plots (of all kinds) and am very good at coming up with fucked up plots and ideas.

I work full time (I am a drug dealer, yo) and have two kids (one teenager and one toddler). I've travelled parts of Europe and the Continental US. I have OCD when it comes to character ratios. I love music and movies. For sports, I'm all about hockey and football (and fútbol). I am a huge wino (red rocks) and I love all things romance.

discord Jen#7511 or pm me here

Posted by: MARJANI BENNETT Mar 6 2018, 08:07 PM
honestly I hate talking about myself so this my end up being pretty short. I’m jordy and I’ve been on htb once before so I’m hopefully this time last. I’m a very chill and withdrawn individual at times but it’s never intentional. I don’t really have any do’s or don’ts because I’m pretty open to a wide range of thing so keep that in mind when you plot my people. The more drama the better. I don’t mind mature threads and I don’t have any triggers at the moment, if I get any then this will definitely be updated. I do work and I’ll be getting back in school so my replies won’t be as quick. I think that’s all, any questions then pm me.
discord - Jordy#9164

Posted by: ELODIE BARNABY Mar 14 2018, 12:48 PM
i highkey hate talking about myself but 'm a chill person. i usually stay to myself though. i'm just a closed off individual. i don't have any triggers and i'm all for drama, angst, and all that good shit. this is my first time on htb and i have high hopes so i'm hoping i get to have some fun.
PM for wc or discord

Posted by: MARLENE SHERIDAN Apr 8 2018, 06:25 PM
i thought i posted here before but apparently not |: hiiiiii~ i'm shayne and i'm stuck in college forever. so that affects my activity a bit. i don't have a ton of preferences but i encourage communication if ur threading with me, just so we know what we're both cool with/if we're bored or want the thread to go somewhere else. hard limits: csa, incest.

i like drag race, video games, and horror/magical realism stuff. my favorite book is the scar by china miéville and i've probably watched the shape of water 20 times (please help me). i'm a history major so i really like that, too. i specialize in 20th century u.s. culture, religion, and general cold war studies.


Posted by: BLUE BARNES Apr 25 2018, 10:15 AM
Gemmy here, and I figured I'd upgrade my directory. I'm from Baltimore, and I rp to pretty much stay out of trouble at this point in my life. I'm a sucker, big time sucker, for family plots. So if you ever need something filled hit me up and I'll more than likely try to get it done. I have no triggers, just don't really fw cancer plots, but other than that I'm an open book and willing to plot and thread out almost everything. You could always hit me on discord I'm really open to discussing somethings!
pm for discord

(I hope me updating my directory this way is cool!)

Posted by: FREYA DUPONT May 22 2018, 11:30 PM
g’day! my name is libby!! i’ve been roleplaying longer than i’ve been alive (at least it feels like that). i live in the south but my family is originally from australia. i have a weird southern aussie accent i love all the plots so slide into my dms and hound me so we can make some magic happen.

• i’m pretty easy going with the whole do’s and don’ts as long as you respect my characters and don’t godmod.

• my characters are very much “them” and sometimes they’ll just change their mind and do something really stupid so don’t be upset if our threads end up going in a direction we didn’t initially plan.

i do mature threads but i don’t like excessive 5 page sex scenes. let’s keep it short and sweet. i don’t gotta know that you sucked some pubic hair down your throat and choked on it. okay too much libby shut up. onwards and upwards!

• i don’t keep to a word count. sometimes it’s a few sentences and sometimes it’s three paragraphs. depends on the day i guess :shrug:

• i’m typically always reachable and like to have replied to you within three days. i’m on more at nights, and typically a lot slower over the weekends. if you want a reply, or if i somehow missed a reply, pls reach out. i won’t be mad. i do go on aways sometimes due to illness or travel. irl i’m chronically quite sick so that sometimes gets in the way of my activity.

otherwise give me all the plots!!! <3

pm or discord!

Posted by: ORION CARMICHAEL Jun 15 2018, 11:56 PM
+ sup?! as far as activity goes, i’m active as long as i’m awake and not working so if you shoot me a message, i’ll usually reply in a couple minutes or hours depending on what’s going on that day.

+ when it comes to threads, i get long winded but I’m working on that. i like rf’s too, especially when i’m eager to get a plot down. oh, and mature threads are kind of redundant to me unless there’s a purpose so pardon me in advance for the lackluster.

+ i live for a messy plot, it’s more fun whether i’m playing the victim or the victimizer lol. i also really like plots that are just way too cute to be true.

+ i’m approachable af so don’t be afraid to throw some crazy ideas my way. triggers: incest; can participate in literally anything outside of that.

Posted by: ZEPPELIN MADDOX Jun 24 2018, 02:44 PM
Well hello there beautiful people! I'm GorillaNoodle or just Noodle if you'd like. I am very mellow, I smoke a lot of weed and I love video gaming and playing the Sims 4. I'm pretty easy to get along with unless you live that drama life then I'm sorry my lovely I must decline as you see I'm 33 years old and I have absolutely not time for drama. I love to role-play and I am looking forward to possibly getting my child into some fun and interesting situations with as many of these beautiful characters as possible. My favorite threads are mature threads, but I can be open to anything really. I also enjoy writing very emotional scenes/situations. I am a mom to a special needs child which keeps me pretty busy, so if I don't respond right away I will get to it I just have to make sure the little is squared away. I love meetin Please plot away my lovelies!
discord - GorillaNoodle420#6676

Posted by: NATALIA CHAVEZ-RIVERA Jul 20 2018, 11:31 PM
What do you mean, no one wants to read my novel?! Haha, just kidding. I go by Imelda, and I try to post every day and at least match the writer I'm writing with. I'll write just about anything, mature--not mature...etc. I'm obsessed with Coco, as you will learn. I don't bite and I'm open to anything; there's hardly ever an idea I don't want to do. So please feel free to message me if you want to plot <3
pm for discord

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