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Posted by: KATHERINE CARRINGTON May 28 2018, 04:20 PM

After the whole name thing fiasco, she figured she should just make amends. Mostly because she missed him, and so she decided to make them some lunch. Since school was out for the summer, she didn't have much to do now. Katherine figured she could now spend her open freedom with Jesse. Once she had finished cooking everything, she took a quick shower and changed. The, now, blonde woman looked at herself in the mirror to make sure everything was in check before she grabbed everything and headed out.

The drive down to the police department wasn't long since she didn't live very far. She parked and made her way inside with the picnic basket in her hand. Katherine noticed someone staring in her direction before he walked over to her and asked her if he could help her. "Yes, I'm looking for Jesse Ramos," she said to the male. Hopefully, she didn't come at the wrong time. She wasn't even sure if he was here or not. The guy was about to say something when she heard Jesse's voice coming from a different direction. She turned, "Hey." she said with a smile.

Posted by: JESSE RAMOS May 30 2018, 10:45 PM

Jesse had always been a decisive person, and he had decided that there was no reason Katherine would still want him after what he did the other night. They hadn't officially broken up or anything yet but he felt in his bones that it was coming. He couldn't think of one good thing that outweighed the shitty mistake he made, one pro that outweighed all his cons. He didn't like it, and he would always regret it, and if he was the type of man to talk to his friends about his feelings, they would probably tell him he was being negative and defeatist and a bit of a bitch. But he didn't see the point in fighting it. Every time he closed his eyes all he could see was that disappointed look on her face. He was completely convinced that he'd thrown away his shot.

Unlike Katherine, summers were generally busier for the police department, which meant Jesse often worked through lunch and forgot to eat. He was on his way out to pick up some food for himself when he saw the last person he was expecting to see. "Kate?" he called, his shock very evident in his voice and facial expression. The smile on her face didn't help. Was she happy to see him? What was going? "What are you doing here?"

Posted by: KATHERINE CARRINGTON Jun 1 2018, 07:33 AM

Kate could see the surprise on his face, and she wasn't surprised by it herself. They hadn't talked since the other night, but that was probably mostly on her part. She held up the picnic basket in her hands, "I brought you lunch, but I know you're probably really busy so I don't know if you want to just eat while working or I was hoping that we could have lunch tonight." she said to him. "I wanted to talk to you too," she added. Katherine didn't know what she was going to say, but she had to say something to clear the air between them.

Posted by: JESSE RAMOS Jun 2 2018, 05:46 PM

He didn't have a ton of time to spare, even for her, whose ass he should be on the ground kissing right now, but luckily he was the chief of police and could pretty much do what he wanted. He nodded for her to follow him over to an outdoor seating area near the station. It was a bit after lunchtime so luckily there was nobody else there, and since he was the chief, they could count on no one else really sitting near them either. "So..." He waited for her to sit, because manners... or something. "What's up?" It seemed odd that she'd bring him a whole ass picnic just to break up with him, but his gut was still telling him that's what was going to happen.

Posted by: KATHERINE CARRINGTON Jun 13 2018, 09:16 AM

"I'm pretty sure you have more important things to do, either that or you're busy. However, I wanted to bring you lunch." she said. She was sounding like a broken record, but that was also because she wasn't sure where to start. Once they made it to the seating area, she sat down and placed the picnic basket on the table. "I just really wanted to apologize for the way that I reacted and for totally have been avoiding you." she said to him with a frown. "I don't think you purposefully called me your wife's name, and it took me a while to get to that conclusion." she added as she smiled at him.

Posted by: JESSE RAMOS Jun 19 2018, 09:53 PM

He shook his head. Did he have a job to do? Yes. Did he have important things to get back to? Of course, and she knew that. But right now, his focus was completely on her. He may have been convinced that this was the end, but there was a small part of him that was clinging on to hope that maybe, just maybe, this was salvageable. All he could do was listen to what she had to say. But when she started to apologize, he had to interject: "You don't owe me an apology, Kate. Really?" He was the one who owed her one, despite having apologized a hundred times already. "My heart is pounding," he said through a relieved sigh, and placed his hand over his chest. "This is not at all what I thought you were going to say to me." Of course, she could still break up with him and she was just being long winded about it, but it didn't seem like that's what she had in mind.

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