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Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON May 26 2018, 09:25 AM
There was only one reason why Kiyan sat in the VIP section inside Diamondz and that was because one of his good men from his street days was finally home from jail. The group of men went out to celebrate and of course Kiyan couldn’t say no. So there he sat, leaned back in his seat with one foot on the edge of the table in front of him. A stack of ones rested in one hand and the other hand cradled the neck of the whiskey bottle he ordered. All the men wore all black and Kiyan in his signature fashion was adjourned with gold jewelry. Outside of the ten men in the section there was 3 strippers which the men eagerly threw money at. He didn’t feel any type of way being inside the establishment of a man who didn’t like him. While Kiyan wasn’t uncomfortable, he kept himself aware of what was going on around him. He didn’t have time for bullshit and drama especially with the type of people he was with now. Tossing some of the ones in the strippers direction, he planned to enjoy this day party and the company of people he hadn’t seen in a while.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT May 26 2018, 10:37 PM
Despite it being his brother's club, he didn't come often. A lot of times it was packed in here, but sometimes he just wanted to be in the company of his own home. Gavin was bored for the night, and he needed a stress reliever for the most part. In the process of it all, he decided to come with Blue. He knew that he said that he had a boyfriend, but let's be real, he didn't care. He wanted to spend some time with him, and he didn't think that they would run into anyone at Diamondz that ran in the same circles as his boyfriend. At least that's what he was hoping for the sake of Blue. "Will you relax?" he chuckled as he looked at him. "Just relax and have fun tonight."

Posted by: BLUE BARNES May 27 2018, 01:02 AM
"I'm relaxed." The boy lied. Armani had sort of made him uncomfortable as far as coming here went. Sure, he was single but he was still dealing with Kiyan a whole lot. He had been on his best behavior as of lately though and was honestly just out and enjoying his time with Gavin. Gavin always kept him laughing and in good spirits, sometimes Blue needed that over everything else. "You might have to get me a drink then. I'm not legal enough just yet." he chuckled while looking at him. "You look nice by the way." he reached over and touched his shirt, as if he was popping his collar.

Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON Jun 1 2018, 07:32 PM
He was getting bored at this point. He had better things he could think to do rather than throw money at a stripper. So instead, he stood and walked over to the group of men he was with and decided to initiate a dice game. Smirking as they agreed, he happened to glance around the club and see Blue with Gavin. He knew that Barry had a twin and it was safe to assume the man sitting with his on again off again boyfriend wasn't Barry. His jaw tensed as he felt his temper rising, but instead of approaching the men, he decided to text Blue. "Yo bae, wyd?" Holding his phone in his hand, he stared right at the pair as he waited for Blue to respond.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT Jun 7 2018, 09:42 AM
Gav chuckled at him, "Yeah, I'll get you a drink." he said. He turned towards the bar, and order them both drinks and a round of shots. He wouldn't have Blue totally drunk out of his mind, but he did want to at least relax him a little. He knew he was apprehensive about going out with him tonight because of whatever he had going on with his old man. His arm wrapped around Blue as he pulled him close to him, "So do I," he said against his ear. "That means I don't think I'll know how to behave tonight," he kissed along his jawline. .. "Shots first." he said as he looked at the other male in front of him.

Posted by: BLUE BARNES Jun 7 2018, 10:59 AM
He laughed as he got pulled into Gavin. "You better learn ho-hold up." He pulled his phone from his pocket and seen that Kiyan had texted him. He was working on this new honesty thing, even though they weren't together. He texted him back: Out with a friend, I'll see you probably tomorrow." and with that he tucked his phone into his back pocket and smiled at Gavin once again, flashing his dimples. He let the man kiss on up his jawline. "You're trouble, just trouble." he laughed while reaching for a shot. "Don't mind if I do." Blue was a horrible drinker, he couldn't handle his liquor to save his life.

Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON Jun 13 2018, 09:00 AM
Kiyan was working on controlling his temper. Especially considering the fact that his father was finally letting him into the family business. So while he watched Bkue text him back he casually sipped the the liquor bottle in his hand. It was hard trying to control his rage. And Blue response didn’t help it any. ”What friend? And why tomorrow? Why you not coming home tonight?” he texted back and looked up in time to see Gavin and Blue hugged up. He damn sure didn’t miss Gavin kissing on Blue and the man allowing it. Kiyan felt betrayed but he understood that Blue was indeed single. But last he knew wasn’t nothing between the man and Gavin so apparently he had been lied to. He wanted to wait until he saw something concrete on Blue part before confronting the man.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT Jun 13 2018, 10:12 AM
"I better learn? Then I think you better not to look so damn good. Is that no? I thought so," he said joking with him. Gavin probably could if he wanted too, but he just didn't think that he wanted to behave. He wanted to have fun tonight, and get into whatever it was that they would get into tonight. He licked his lips as he downed one of the shots. "Trouble is fun. You can't have fun without a little trouble." he said as he smirked at him. He pulled the younger male closer to his body as he kissed his neck before he whispered in his ear. "Besides, you like my trouble."

Posted by: BLUE BARNES Jun 13 2018, 10:20 AM
Blue had been twirling the straw in his sink while looking up at Gavin's tall frame. "I guesss." he sang with a little smile and a playful roll of his eyes before he took a healthy swig of his glass. He allowed the man to step closer, and even placed a hand on his fit mid-section to hear what he whispered. "Just a little bit." he lied. Blue absolutely liked his trouble--especially while it was occurring. He didn't like when he had to answer to it. "Hang on." he draped an arm around Gavin and let himself lean close to the man's body as he texted Kiyan. "Ky is being Ky." he told Gavin while replying: Just a friend, babe. And because I'll be home late and don't want to come in late and risk waking Thyme." he admittedly taken a liking to the little baby "Now, what were we talking about?" he tucked his phone away again and draped both arms around Gavin.

Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON Jun 13 2018, 10:35 AM
He watched the whole exchange. Every affectionate touch. They way they were together. Shaking his head, he tried to control his rage. But he was burning up inside. Taking another swig of the bottle he checked his phone when it buzzed and laughed at Blue response. The man was so full of shit. Tucking his phone in his pocket, he decided to forgo getting his crew involved and handling shit himself. Besides if anything popped off he knew he would have the immediate backup if needed. Setting the bottle down, he left his VIP section and went over to where Blue and Gavin was. His face could have been made of stone the way he just stared at both men upon reaching them. Chuckling some, he cupped his hands together in front of him, trying not to swing. ”That must be a damn good friend Blue.” his tongue slowly rolled across his botom lip as he shot daggers at Blue. ”so this where you plan on staying instead of coming home?” he directed all his questions to Blue. He ain’t have shit to say to Gavin.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT Jun 13 2018, 11:41 AM
He smirked at him, "You know you do. I don't know why you're hitting me with the 'I guess'." he said as he teased with a smile. He watched him answer his phone again and he shook his head as he mentioned something about Ky being Ky. "We were talking about..." he words trailed off as he was met with another figure. It must have been Kiyan, and he couldn't help but laugh at the situation that was going on. He must have been the one texting blue, and it was obvious he had been watching them the whole time. Gavin wasn't exactly the person for subtlety, so he didn't move from his position and he kept his arms wrapped around the other male. Gavin finished his shot, "I guess this grown ass man was gonna stay wherever the fuck he wanted too." he said. He knew it wasn't his business, but he didn't have time for the bullshit tonight.

Posted by: BLUE BARNES Jun 13 2018, 12:00 PM
Gavin kept him cracking up, and he did it so effortlessly. Blue appreciated it a whole lot because not too much made him genuinely laugh the way Gavin did effortlessly. "I say I guess because I'm not feeding into your bullshit." he chuckled, studying the man and his handsome face. "And your super handsome face." he moved one of his arms just so his fingers could stroke the beard of the other man. Until a familiar voice caused him to nearly jump out of his skin. "Ky." he flashed a smile, a nervous one. He wasn't doing anything too wrong--and him and Gavin had did much, much worse than what this was. Blue was stupid, he was so startled that he didn't even bother trying to get out of Gavin's grasp. "No Ky I-" Gavin's statement cut him off and for a second Blue fell silent. He didn't want to get involved in the middle of these two easily angered men. He had witnessed both of their tempers first hand, and didn't want to be in this crossfire, but he knew the right thing to do was to diffuse the situation. "I just didn't want to wake Thyme, that's all." he answered Kiyan. He stood in front of Gavin, hoping that if he stood between the two males that nothing would take place. "I should introduce you guys!" he said, trying to make light of it. "Kiyan this is Gavin, Gavin, Kiyan." she looked between the both of them flashed his dimples. "Kiyan is my first boyfriend, and Gavin is the guy who helped me come out." they were both important people in his life.


Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON Jun 13 2018, 12:14 PM
All Kiyan could do was stare at Blue. All the affection said the two were more than friends regardless of whether it was currently happening or not. He blinked and raised his eyebrows as Blue spoke and stumbled over his words. He heard Gavin statement and kept his eyes focused on Blue. ”I wasn’t talking to you.” Gavin wasn’t even relevant enough to be looked at when spoken to. He could care less about dude. He was talking to Blue. He tilted his head curiously and furrowed his brows together. ”You didn’t want to wake our daughter or you rather swallow his dick instead of coming home? No need to single remember?” Kiyan hated feeling like his intelligence was being played with. All Blue had to do was be open about his shit but instead he was beating around the bush while hugged up with some random dude. He chuckled when Blue made the introductions and shook his head. So this was Gavin. The dude Blue cheated with. He was boiling inside but he didn’t show it on the outside. If he didn’t have so much to lose he would be swinging on both males right now. ”Well ain’t that nice.” He spoke dryly.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT Jun 13 2018, 12:24 PM
Gavin didn’t too much care if dude was upset or not. Honestly he was just being an ass because he knew he could. If Kiyan wanted to fight him, then he could try it but he wasn’t going to disrespect his brother’s business even if he wasn’t here. Gavin grabbed his drink that was sitting next to him, and finished it off. He licked his lips as Blue introduced the pair. He shrugged his shoulders for a moment before he heard Kiyan’s comment about Blue. “He swallows it real good too, but then I think you know how good it is,” he smirked before he snickered lightly. Turning in his seat, Gavin kept an eye on him just in case he wanted to try anything. He would be ready for it.

Posted by: BLUE BARNES Jun 13 2018, 12:30 PM
"That's not what I wanted to do, Ky." he was really trying to be considerate. And yes, maybe benefit from kicking it with Gavin too. He was gonna try his hardest not to do anything with Gavin tonight which is why he was in a public place and not chilling at his crib like he would have done usually. "I'm sorry. I'll come home I jus- GAVIN." and there the was the Gavin Blue had experienced before. The rude one. "Really?" he was trying to diffuse the situation. "Gavin, stop. Ky, stop. Yall stoppp." he was slightly tipsy and didn't want to deal with that. He picked his car keys up off the bar. "I'ma just leave. Kiyan you can go back to where you were, and Gavin I'll pay the tab, we can all just go our separate ways." he said, reaching for his wallet.


Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON Jun 13 2018, 01:24 PM
”You just keep speaking out of turn huh? You gotta chill dude your panties showing.” for the first time he looked over at Gavin. But it was short lived. Kiyan looked the man up and down, Chuckling a little before turning his attention back to Blue. ”If you gonna have side bitches you gotta train them better than this. These motherfuckers gotta know their place and know when to shut up when adults are talking.” he wasn’t even trying to go there with Gavin but dude kept on talking out the side of his neck. He was annoyed even more now. He was working hard on controlling his temper and it showed the way his hands clenched into fist. When Blue said he would just come home, he just stared at the man. But of course now Blue was flustered. He kind of understood the younger male situation. Being stuck between two people who he cared about. Kiyan just felt a little offended there even needed to be a thought process. In his mind he should have always came first especially over a dude who he cheated on him with. When blue asked them both to stop, ky eyebrows raised in confusion. ”Stop what?” as far as Ky was confused there wasn’t a problem besides the one he currently had with Blue. Gavin was a non factor. When Blue started ranting about leaving, he held his hands up on surrender. ”Nah bruh, you ain’t gotta go no where. I was just trying to get some questions answered you know. Understand how you talking marriage but hugged up with the next dude. That’s all.” He felt all that marriage talk was bullshit now. He knew Blue wasn’t ready and this encounter sealed the deal for him. ”But turn up with your friend though. I ain’t gonna interrupt no more. Make sure you suck the soul outta him tonight too. Maybe then he’ll take you seriously and you’ll stop being a piece of ass.” sure Kiyan took it to another level with disrespecting Blue but he couldn’t help it. He was mad and wanted to punch Blue so since he couldn’t his mouth got real reckless.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT Jun 13 2018, 03:36 PM
Gavin raised his eyebrow at him as he shook his head. It was obvious that he was trying to get under his skin, and it wasn't working. He shook his head at Blue, "Me, stop? Need to control your bitch. He bitchin' about you playing daddy. Playing house and shit, fuck that." he said as he shook his head again. He was annoyed that his night was ruined. He was annoyed that he was even entertaining this bullshit and the fact that Blue was making him stop. "Blue, you need to put a muzzle on yo bitch." he said to him. Despite being slightly irritated at him, he wasn't gonna let the dude be disrespectful. Gavin honestly cared about Blue, but it was obvious the boy was so wrapped up in Kiyan so he did what he wanted to do. If Blue wanted to sleep with him, then that was his prerogative. It wasn't like he was forcing the boy. "Nigga take yo ass on somewhere. Maybe he'll take you serious when you stop actingg like a bitch. Sitting in the corner watching us, and texting him like you someone's daddy. nigga get the fuck on." he clenched his jaws once more.

Posted by: BLUE BARNES Jun 13 2018, 03:56 PM
Blue looked between both of them. He can tell they were frustrated as hell with him. The both of them. He looked to Gavin and placed a hand on his shoulder in hopes of calming him down, he didn't seem as frustrated with Blue as Kiyan was, but Blue had dealt with his temper before too and knew it would be coming soon if this situation ain't deescalate. He didn't want them to be at each other. "I'm sorry, Ky." he didn't want to correct Kiyan in front of Gavin and he didn't want to correct Gavin in front of Kiyan. They were both talking about him like a piece of property but he still just wanted to diffuse the situation. "Can yall stop referring to each other as bitches and hoes. Gavin is a friend of mine, and Kiyan is my partner. " Kiyan's words were making him feel lower than low, he could feel his confidence breaking behind them. His eyes looked so angry, much like the time when he hit him. Not knowing what to do, he just shook his head and stood there between both of them. He could only wait until one of them were mature enough to actually walk away.

Posted by: KIYAN REMINGTON Jun 13 2018, 05:30 PM
The moment Gavin started ranting, Kiyan just looked at him. Once he was done, Kiyan places a hand on his chest and faked a shocked expression. ”Dammnnnnn bruh you big mad huh?” Immediately after speaking he laughed at Gavin and shook his head. The dude words meant nothing to him. He knew the truth and so did Blue and Gavin. Kiyan did a lot for Blue and vice versa. He wasn’t in no way, shape, or form threatened by Gavin. No he didn’t like the fact Blue cheated with the man. No he didn’t like the fact that Blue was in here all affectionate with Gavin. Still at the end of the day, Koyan knew where Blue heart and home lied even if he acted like a dickhead. Kiyan knew exactly who daddy was as Gavin put it. Controlling his laughter he looked at Blue while pointing at Gavin. ”You may wanna get ya boy a cape cause this nigga super mad.” Chuckling some more he waved Blue off when he apologized. ”Nah you good.” Kiyan was tired. They talked about being open with each other so many times and still he managed to surprise Kiyan with this shit. Kiyan didn’t like surprises. He watched as Blue placed a hand on Gavin shoulder in an attempt to calm him. For Blue to refer to him as his partner, he damn sure was trying to appease the wrong one. Shaking his head, he began to backpedal slowly. ”You got it big dog. Enjoy your night.” even though he was fuming, he refused to resort to violence. He had a legacy he was inheriting. An empire. Gavin wasn’t worth the energy. And neither was Blue.

Posted by: GAVIN KNIGHT Jun 22 2018, 07:32 AM
He couldn't help but chuckle at the male's words. Obviously, he was the one that was big mad. Came over here confronting Blue about some shit when they weren't even together Obviously they had some issues that they needed to work out, and he wasn't about to sit here and be dragged into it because someone else was insecure about they place in Blue's life. He knew where he stood, and he knew Blue would come back to him at any point. Gavin sucked his teeth as he looked at Blue for a moment, "Insecurities are a bitch. He needs to get his straight." he said as he shook his head. "Right, please go on about your business." he said to him before he turned to Blue. "Are you staying here or leaving with me?" he asked him. Gav didn't even feel like being out anymore.

Posted by: BLUE BARNES Jun 22 2018, 09:53 AM
He looked towards Kiyan as he was backing up, trying to figure out where the hell he came from anyway. It didn't take long to realize that he was with a group of hoodlums, he rolled his eyes at that. His ghetto friends probably pumped him up to come approach them and just cause Drama. He would have to deal with him at home. "Gavin, why would you even feed into this like this?" he got annoyed with Gavin sometimes, and vice versa I'm sure. He gathered he stuff. "I'm going home. The last thing he needs to do is see us leaving together and I'll never fucking hear the end of it." he fussed. He felt naturally Gavin would be the one to walk away, he was the one that walked away from all of their altercations. Blue grabbed his bag and snatched it from the bar before storming out towards the exit.


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