please vote for a maximum of THREE nominees!

Hey friends! Here are your choices for JANUARY spotlights!

The rules are simple: Just copy and paste the list below, and delete all the names except for the ones you're voting for.

Remember to send them in at THIS INBOX with the title of the PM being your name, and please remember not to vote for more than three nominees (otherwise we end up with a bunch of ties).

These will be due in 5 DAYS, so you have until Saturday February 2nd to get your votes in!


Amara Peker
Andrew Dionne
Ariana Sutton
Artemisia Chandler
Asher Mikita
Benjie Cole-ho
Blue Barnes
Brendan Santiago
Buckley Angel
Damian Campbell & Maya Dionne
Damon Beckett
Danny Van Alst
Dixie Macfarlane
Eddie Lowe
Edna Schwarz
Elysia Gregory
Francis Chavez
Ginger Brooks-locke
Graham Thomason
Greg Mikita
Indio Fonseca
Jack O'malley
Jai Virk
Jesse Ramos
Johnny Papadakis
Josie Kanutal
Kaiden Black
Katherine Carrington
Kaylani Garcia
Kaylani Garcia
Kimiko Sun
Lenora Van Alst
Lynn Geddy
Mali Serrano
Matt Iskander
Mollie Hillsen
Monet Mckinely
Nadja Romero
Paxton Thomason
Raja Hollis
Rosalinda Mcneil
Sadie Pelletier
Sean Kent
Shane Hutch
Sinclair Bishop
Stuart Thomason
Tessa Velardi
The Hollis Siblings
Tim Barnes
Tim Barnes & Kalila Zidani
Val Presley
Yuri Saito