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Posted by: ELI PARRY May 24 2018, 02:51 PM
Three months into motherhood and it's starting to really exhaust her. She thought being at home can give her enough time, she thought she can finally get back into writing but all it has been are early mornings, one hour of trying to feed Jack (if he even likes the food to begin with), then it'll be a few hours of playing with the baby while doing a bit of house chores here and there, and then nap time. She looks forward to nap time because it gives her time to just be by herself, catch up on sleep. But today, Jack decided not to nap and by the time dinner came around, he also didn't want to sleep. "Oh my god, just fucking eat..." she grumbled, getting so frustrated before snatching the food bowl away from the high chair and throwing it on the sink. "You don't want to eat, fine! You don't get to eat!" She starts frantically wiping the kids hands because he was just playing with the food and he starts to cry loud enough that she didn't hear Mitch walk through the door. She didn't even realize that she was on the verge of tears.


Posted by: MITCHELL PARRY May 26 2018, 03:59 PM
Mitch had stayed home for as long as he could but he eventually had to go back to work. They needed money to pay for everything because Jesus, babies were really expensive. As he came home and walked in he heard Eli losing her head and consciously waited a few seconds before coming into the kitchen. He didn't want to embarrass her so he was going to pretend he hadn't actually heard anything. "Hey honey..." he smiled over at her before going to the baby and picking him up. Mitch was a very calm person, the baby tended to settle with him quickly. "Has he been playing up?" She looked stressed and he was worried about her.

Posted by: ELI PARRY May 31 2018, 12:38 AM
She didn't even say hi, she didn't even really smile at Mitch. "I'm covered in baby foo. The floor is covered in baby food. The high chair is covered in baby food. The friggin' the baby is covered in baby food. what do you think?" she spat but quickly checked how she's acting. "Oh my god," now, she chuckles as tears starts to pour, "I'm so sorry. I'm just... he didn't nap." And when the baby doesn't nap, Eli doesn't get to nap and do house chores or enjoy an episode of trash tv to relax. She slumps her shoulders and walks over to Mitch, burying her head on his chest, "I'm so glad you're home... so you could take over." She looks up at him and pouts.

Posted by: MITCHELL PARRY Jun 3 2018, 06:51 PM
Mitch just sort of stood there and didn't really say anything to her rant because he didn't know what to say, he was sort of shell shocked. The amount of relief he felt as she seemed to snap back out of it was immeasurable. "Yeah I'll take over..." he smiled, gently wrapping his free arm around her, "why don't you take a bath, relax, nap if you want to... I'll clean up in here and make us some dinner?"

Posted by: ELI PARRY Jun 14 2018, 10:20 AM
She doesn't want to transfer all the baby food on her shirt onto him so she sorta just leaned in to hug him, sticking her whole body out though. "Thank you...." she says, "I'm sorry." God, just an hour ago she can't stop looking at this baby and now she's annoyed as hell. She felt a little guilty but who wouldn't jump on the chance of getting a few hours to herself while Mitch takes over, right?

She goes and takes a quick shower instead though because she wanted to nap after but the shower woke her up. Now, she's hungry and she realized the last time she ate an actual meal was that morning. She enters the kitchen and looks onto Mitch and the baby, "I'm so mad, he's super good with you." and just cries uncontrollably with her.

Posted by: MITCHELL PARRY Jun 14 2018, 11:27 AM
"No need for a sorry, it's all good..." he smiled before watching her go upstairs. He wiped down the sides and changed the babies clothes before starting to cook them something. He could still hear Eli knocking around so he figured she hadn't gone for a nap so he could take her food up before she slept.

Before he could even think about that she came back downstairs. "No nap?" he asked, putting the baby back in the high chair so he could properly cook. "No... he jabbed me in the eye three times and I swear he enjoyed it..." he grinned, wrapping an arm around her and kissing the top of her head, "you smell good... is omelette okay?"

Posted by: ELI PARRY Jun 21 2018, 04:44 PM
Eli just shook her head and smiled, pouting playfully. There are things she felt like she doesn't do enough of... nap is one of them, but the other is also just enjoying her time with Mitch so, she can sacrifice the nap, now that he's home. "I swear, he didn't get that from me..." she says as she closes his eyes and cozied in his arms. "Omelette sounds good..." she'd eat anything, really. She turns her heel and slips her arm around her waist, swaying a little bit before giving him a kiss.

Posted by: MITCHELL PARRY Jun 25 2018, 07:53 PM
"Mhm..." he grinned down at her. God he had a beautiful wife. He had no idea what he'd ever done in his life to deserve the family he had. Mitch kissed her back and enjoyed every second of it. It was hard to have much romantic time with a baby in the house. "I love you" he smiled before giving her another kiss.

Posted by: ELI PARRY Jul 11 2018, 04:24 PM
"Course, you do..." she says before kissing him, lingering for a moment until Jack decided to throw his plastic spoon. She pulls away and looked at their little bundle of joy with an amuse laugh, "You think he knows we're being gross?" She leans in and picks the spoon and throws it into the sink before carrying Jack in her arms.

Posted by: MITCHELL PARRY Jul 12 2018, 10:22 AM
"Gross?" he asked, laughing a little bit, "he gets that from you..." Mitch very so gently nudged her with his elbow. "I do enjoy being gross with you though..."

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