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Posted by: ASHWICK VALLEY Jan 28 2014, 04:43 PM


a necessary evil!!!

Most of them are self explanatory, but please just take the five minutes it takes to read through them! If you have any questions or concerns (or suggestions?) about this list, please contact a staff member.



    1. Overall stank actions towards others. Symptoms include: thinking you are above those around you, not speaking your true feelings, throwing shade, cattiness, hate, self-centeredness, being overly critical, and being hypersensitive/failing to have a sense of humor.
This is by far our most important rule!

In essence, be cool. At the very least, don't be a total dick. We will not tolerate bitchassness of any kind at HTB. If we see you breaking this rule, expect a warning. We have a 3 strike policy for bad behavior. After 3 warnings, you will be banned.


When registering, make sure your username is a FIRST and LAST NAME in all caps (i.e. BOB LOBLAW). If you don't register with an actual character name, we will delete your account on sight, no questions asked. We do not have a rule against duplicate names, but try to be unique! If you accidentally make a mistake, message an admin or use the member editing thread located in the mod requests forum. If you have multiple characters and are unsure of how to link your accounts, If you are still confused, ask an admin for help!


No blatant nudity. Keep it clean, tasteful and within Otherwise AVATARS MUST BE 250x375 px, no exceptions. The first gif resizes/crops automatically, but the dimensions are 180x120 if you want to resize them yourself. The second gif also resizes/crops automatically, but a square looks best. Sigs are optional, and we do not have mandatory templates. If you need graphics made, ask! There are lots of people who are happy to make graphics for you. In fact, we have an entire channel on our Discord server dedicated to asking for graphics and offering to make other people graphics.

MP3s are optional, but we encourage everyone to show off their creativity. If you want an MP3 for your character's profile and are unsure of how to add one, just ask!


At this time HTB has a character cap of 20, and in order to make a 21st (or 22nd, 23rd, etc) you must have the points to do so. Also keep in mind that in order to make a new character, your last character must have at least one active thread (defined by a thread in one of the main in-character forums with at least eight replies, the last reply being no older than a week old). So keep linking those threads for us in your applications, please!


We only ask that you alert us of a possible absence longer than two weeks. Private messages to explain any special situations are always suggested, though they are not required. We DO REQUIRE an estimated date of return on all absences. We give everyone a three day grace period when the date passes to either get their characters active again (it just takes one in-character post) or to update their absences.

You must post in-character at least once every two weeks. If you go without making an in-character post for more than two weeks (and have not posted a valid absence/updated your absence), your faces may be up for grabs to anybody who wants it. Your character won't be deactivated until you fail an activity check, but your face will be open after two weeks with no posting.


HTB is finally allowing social media faces to be used as face claims. In order for a face to be accepted, they must have a minimum of 500k followers, whether on Twitter or Instagram. They must also be a verified/authenticated public figure account. Most important of all, some recent work and/or representation will be needed. And remember, just because you're using Instagram faces doesn't mean your avatars don't need to look good.

Keep in mind that if they are an athlete, they must play at the professional level (so no high school or college athletes). And so on and so forth. When in doubt, ask an admin.


HTB an indefinite ban on celebrity characters, this also includes having celebrities/famous people/actual royalty(???) as family members. Ashwick Valley is not a big place, so we cannot be teeming with filthy rich, world renowned celebrities. Local celebrities are more than welcome, i.e. a lovable weatherman or a star high school basketball player, but please refrain from making obscenely rich/famous actresses/musicians, producers, internet celebrities, models, fashion designers, drug lords/omnipotent gangsters, politicians, athletes, socialites, royalty, multimillion/billion-aires et cetera. If you want to make those kinds of characters, there are several celebrity sites you can join. And as always, if you're unsure, just ask an admin.

We technically no longer have a twins/multiples ban BUT we ask that you ask an admin first so we can decide on a case-by-case basis. This has less to do with you personally as it does for the staff to gauge whether or not we're getting overloaded by twins and multiples (again, which was why he had to ban them last time). We will most likely not allow more than one set of twins/multiples per member, so if you do want to twin a face, make sure you choose wisely.


Seeing as how we're a real life site, adult, and possibly taboo/triggering situations, will happen. We ask that if you choose to write about these things, tag your threads with an "M" (mature) or "TW" (trigger warning) so people know what they're getting into when they click on your thread. On that note, do not flood the board with mature threads. That's tacky.


Don't do it! Or at least ask your RP partner/s what is OK. If you have an issue with someone godmoding or powerplaying your characters, please either speak with the person directly (this is preferred!), or contact an admin and we will address the situation.


Don't do it. Don't do it. DON'T DO IT. This is not only frowned upon but illegal, so please do not plagiarize or steal! If you are unclear of what plagiarism is, please contact an admin. It's better to be safe than sorry.


And don't ruin other people's fun. Fun is the entire point of RP!

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