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Posted by: ROMA MALVERNI Jul 7 2018, 11:58 AM
Family dinners were important, they were Italian, nothing was more important than food and family. Mordecai wasn't family but he was here so he got a plate. "You two could've invited someone..." she looked between her brothers. I'm sorry this sucks but eh, I did something Gemmy!

Posted by: GIANFRANCO MALVERNI Jul 7 2018, 02:41 PM
He wasn't family but he's here so he got a plate? Ouch, way to treat a man who's been in your insides. Ignore her, Cai, you are sort of familyish. And oh god, now there's a new brother, is Gian going to be mean to him too now or Still Cai? Speaking off, he's sitting across him, making faces at him because it's been a while since he's fucked with him and he's only been messing with Johnny and it was getting old. "Who would I invite? I don't know anyone here, fuck this town." Really, anyone he met was mean to him.

Posted by: MORDECAI KANUTAL Jul 7 2018, 05:54 PM
Saying he wasn't family was rude. He was so part of this family. He hated it but he was part of this family. They were all having dinner and he had of course brought the kids along, they were sitting not at this table but a few feet away. He was visibly annoyed with Gian but he was trying not to make it too obvious. "If you don't know anyone that's your own fault." For being a fucking freak.

dirty italians

Posted by: FABIAN MALVERNI Jul 8 2018, 01:01 PM
He folded the table napkin neatly and rested it in his lap. The food smelled good and was delicious. Fabian was quiet for the most part, until was spoken to, and even more silent when good food was involved. "Would you like for me to go get a stray mutt? Since you bought yours along." he said in regards to Cai. He meant nothing by it, he was honestly sort of joking as he continued to eat. "Food is delicious though." he chuckled at his brothers sentiment about the town, mainly because he felt the exact same way.

Posted by: MORDECAI KANUTAL Jul 8 2018, 01:17 PM
I do not care about post order. He laughed at Fabian's comment. that was fucking hilarious. "I can't even be mad." That was really a good description of the Kanutal family, they were stray mutts. "Why you saying go get one like you don't have one already? That girl would be physically feeding you right now." That girl was very pathetic.

dirty italians

Posted by: GIANFRANCO MALVERNI Jul 8 2018, 01:49 PM
How come you don't tag all the lovely people in this thread? It's not a hassle at all and I don't hate it. "Wha-- where is all this hostility coming from? It's not my fault the people in this country are backward in their thinking." He had no problem finding people to harass like his roommate, but anyone to be with? "Your women do not enjoy uhh," he shrugged and showed his palms to them because it's not dinner conversation. But he's talking about ass eating. Why do only the guys do it, why can't they get it back? It's messed up. In Italy women do it all the time to the guys, I would assume. But really Gian is just making excuses as to why he hasn't met a nice girl yet. Also he's into that freaky stuff, I think we can establish that. Look at Fabian with his good hair. Why did his siblings look good and he's here, a potato with stubble. "Oh yeah, the food is nice. It's better than uh, restaurant food." Did Roma cook? He would never insult.

Posted by: ROMA MALVERNI Jul 8 2018, 07:17 PM
"I don't know what you see in her... she's..." she paused and pulled a face, clearly disgusted, "she's a square, no body shape, no brains..." Roma wasn't really impressed with his choice of woman. "That's why you should marry Italian Gian, you don't want to marry an American..." Roma tilted her head at Cai before pulling another face. "I paid someone to cook, I can't take credit." She didn't cook, who had the time hm?

Posted by: FABIAN MALVERNI Jul 8 2018, 07:30 PM
Fabian cracks a half smile at how well Mordecai took the joke. He wasn't so bad, he actually enjoyed his company sometimes. He shakes his head at Gian. However, he's not judging his perverted brother because he can agree with that as well. He got so bored with the sex with the women here, he started fucking men out of boredom. Just for something new. Fabian stays silent, as per usual, until he's spoken too directly.. "She's, interesting to say the least. She's not too bad of a person though." he wipes his mouth with the dinner towel and then nods in agreement with Roma, and even lazily points a finger in her direction to show just how much he agreed. "One hundred percent. I can't see myself marrying or procreating with an American. They are literally the laziest but most entitled people on this earth." he shook his head.

Posted by: GIANFRANCO MALVERNI Jul 8 2018, 07:48 PM
"I don't want to be with anyone who smells like barn animals," and to him that's what all Americans smelled like. It's so racist, I know, but Americans were weird and were at beast hypocrites about everything. They fight for equal rights and animal abuse, yet they refuse to help the homeless and want them out if one strays by their house, and they all enjoy their veal escalopes or whatever. And China does have a shape, I just don't know what it is. His eyes roam over to Mordecai, who he's not sure if he considers himself American, but he thought it was a family conversation. Technically he's in on it. "Do you have papers?" he turns to his brother. I mean, do any of them have papers? He's telling his brother to anchor baby up right now, just in case.

Posted by: MORDECAI KANUTAL Jul 8 2018, 08:03 PM
"Don't enjoy what?" What weird thing was Gian allueding at. Cai really needed to stop engaging because he hated him so much but he always said such weird things he couldn't help it. Idk if Cai would like or dislike Chynna so he wasn't saying anything. "Ugh, as if I would marry you..." He would, he so would. He was such a romantic and he was so in love with Roma. "Ya'll talking a lot of shit for some people who are both here and illegally." Cue where he would threaten to get Roma deported but he wasn't sure her brothers would find it funny.

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Posted by: FABIAN MALVERNI Jul 8 2018, 11:39 PM
He gave a tight lipped chuckle at the animal comparison, regarding Americans. He was still way too focused on how delicious his food was to engage fully with the conversation. "Hm. I do." he tilts his head a bit as the catalyst of the point that was coming next. "Now, are they legit. Questionable. But I have them." he ate and was about to say something else until he frowned his face at Cai's comment, until he gave a dry chuckle. "Mm. You're talking a lot of shit for someone who's currently outnumbered." he sits his plate down on his empty plate and cleans up around his mouth with the table napkin. "Any dessert in there, Roma."

Posted by: GIANFRANCO MALVERNI Jul 11 2018, 04:27 PM
And you still somehow managed to butcher my tag, I'm so insulted. Gian just drops his fork lightly, enough for it to clang on the plate, unless everyone's using plastic forks then if it's that way, we're poor. "I am here legally. I'm in school," at least that's what his fake papers say. It'll probably be true if you accuse him and Fabian of having fake papers. "Hey, maybe we'll take you to Italy with the fake papers we have. You'll love it," and then maybe he can now say he's the illegal there.

Posted by: ROMA MALVERNI Jul 17 2018, 08:48 PM
"Mordecai" she laughed, rolling her eyes, "what is this? You act like we're criminals or something..." Roma stretched a bit in her chair before grinning at her brothers. She enjoyed Cai being the centre of attention and being teased. Honestly I'm just typing, I really can't be bothered. "Yeah... in the kitchen, bring it in."

Posted by: MORDECAI KANUTAL Jul 17 2018, 09:03 PM
He grinned at Fabian, "I'm talking a lot of shit for someone who's fucking your sister and has a kid with her." he should really stop talking shit, he should learn his lesson, but he didn't think Fabian would do anything and he didn't think Roma would let him do anything either. He was pretty sure they both knew she couldn't take care of that kid on her own. "If yall go to Italy can you get back? Will they let you back in? I have a passport." a totally normal legal one because he was not a criminal.

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Posted by: FABIAN MALVERNI Jul 20 2018, 07:06 AM
"If you had attractive sisters I would retaliate. But I'll just take my loss." he went to the kitchen to retrieve the dessert and sat it on the center of the table. "Why'd you ask?" he was curious to know just why Cai was so damn inquisitive today. It was lightly making him paranoid about everything. He took a piece of the cake because that's what I want right now, and went back to his seat. "Thanks for the dinner, Roma. Everything was good." after he ate this cake he would be out.

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