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Posted by: ASHWICK VALLEY Jan 20 2014, 02:46 AM


please post here using the code we've provided

Self explanatory. If someone joins your open thread, please post here and let us know so we can remove it from the list!

Please note: A plus sign in the title means more than one person can join the thread. If you add a plus sign to the title of your open thread, we will not remove your thread from the list until you ask us to.

WHO: eliseo romero
WHAT: grabbing condoms
WHERE: ashwick shopping street

WHO: reagan bordeaux
WHAT: trying to ignore a kid
WHERE: fitzpatrick park

WHO: vienna steele
WHAT: outside during a firedrill in skimpy clothes
WHERE: paineshart

WHO: cheyenne farmer
WHAT:looking for a party to get into for spring break
WHERE: spring break

WHO: soren winther
WHAT: doing hw in library and asking for drugs.
WHERE: harding university (school library)

WHO: steph moretti
WHAT: reading a book that's actually someone's journal
WHERE: fitzpatrick park

WHO: autumn cooper
WHAT: waiting for someone to come out the fitting room
WHERE: horton plaza

WHO: andres montez
WHAT: making sure he got the right house for a tutor session
WHERE: cloverbrook point

WHO: jasmine hydes
WHAT: smacking someone on the ass
WHERE: muscle talk

WHO: aine donleavy
WHAT: working/on patrol
WHERE: paineshart

WHO: sax kanutal
WHAT: rushing someone in line
WHERE: louie's pizza

WHO: charly bellucci
WHAT: trying to leave work
WHERE: the happy cow

WHO: louie benedetti
WHAT: quizzing restaurant-goers on Independence Day
WHERE: louie's pizza

WHO: vanity daniels
WHAT: telling someone who keeps saying a name to stop saying hers
WHERE: boardwalk

WHO: summer cooper
WHAT: trying to get someone's attention for a one-on-one game
WHERE: fitzpatrick park

WHO: jed hutchinson
WHAT: pickpocketing & stealing shit
WHERE: ashwick shopping street

WHO: d'andre reed
WHAT: goofing off at work
WHERE: oceanside park

WHO:eliana reynolds
WHAT: checking no one OD'd in trashed hotel room
WHERE: elizabethan hotel

Please remember to post in code. Thank you!

[*code]<b>WHO:</b> character's name <br> <b>WHAT:</b> what are they doing? <br> <B>WHERE:</b> <a href="LINK">where are they doing it?</a><p> [/*code]

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