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WHO: antonio reed
WHAT: waking up next to someone
WHERE: sandy shoals

WHO: eliseo romero
WHAT: grabbing condoms
WHERE: ashwick shopping street

WHO: artemisia chandler
WHAT: getting someone who's music is loud attention
WHERE: train & bus station

WHO: charmaine jefferies
WHAT: apologizing and watching as a table's plates falls
WHERE: rosie's diner

WHO: nico romano
WHAT: lying on his bed in his harding university dorm room
WHERE: winter disaster 2017

WHO: jasmine hydes
WHAT: pissed about being stuck at work
WHERE: winter disaster 2017

WHO: ryan krause
WHAT: stranded at the bar
WHERE: winter disaster 2017

WHO: jasmine hydes
WHAT: aftermath of a one night stand
WHERE: paineshart

WHO: kiyan laviscount
WHAT: slipped on ice and purposely attempted to bring the other person down with him
WHERE: winter disaster 2017

WHO: blake weston
WHAT: knocking to some random person's home
WHERE: winter dIsaster 2017

WHO: avalon maita
WHAT: asking someone what they had said over the loud music
WHERE: diamondz

WHO: sonnie taylor
WHAT: helping out a customer
WHERE: big mama d's

WHO: keira littlejohn
WHAT: sneaking into the 'haunted' asylum
WHERE: willowbrook home

WHO: jed hutchinson
WHAT: graffiting walls
WHERE: lincoln high school

WHO: chynna dionne
WHAT: kind of drunk and wanting to dance w/ someone
WHERE: mccleods

WHO: zee osmani
WHAT: giving someone a lyft
WHERE: downtown

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[*code]<b>WHO:</b> character's name <br> <b>WHAT:</b> what are they doing? <br> <B>WHERE:</b> <a href="LINK">where are they doing it?</a><p> [/*code]