For the first time ever, Ashwick Valley is going to have it's very own Oktoberfest! Usually celebrated on the last two weeks of September, Ashwick will have it's own starting on October first and will run for 17 days (But you know, through the magic of RP land, it will run however long you all want it to run) and will be held in a very large open ground outside of the city limits!

Large quantities of beer will be served, so obviously while everyone is permitted to come here, there will be designated areas where beer is consumed and everyone who purchases alcoholic drinks will be carded. Visitors will also enjoy attractions such as amusement rides, shows, arcade games, and most important of all the food.

All manners of traditional German food will be available, as we have some caterers and food servers from across the country to showcase their cuisine to the crowd. We will also have our regular American food and barbecue here as well. Traditional folk German music and dancing is also part of the festival.

The event is free and everyone is invited, and limited free parking is available near the exit 38 rest stop and the festival grounds will be a short walk away from there. The event is presented by the city of Ashwick Valley in partnership with the German-American Social Club of California.

  • The event is for everyone, and although most of you all will be there as attendees, we will also need people to work the event. Volunteers, people in the food stalls, games, police patrol, parking lot guard, day care attendant, first aid tent- all of that. So there is a little something for everyone.

  • This is totally a free for all event - just don't get too crazy. We get that there will be intoxication, just don't go like throwing up on everyone or whatever. This is supposed to be a celebration of the coming holiday season so the main point is to have fun in character!